Industrial mechanical engineer




Machining and turning mechanical parts using any material (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, plastic, etc.) for small, medium-sized and large production runs. The company has high-performance equipment that is regularly replaced, providing it with recognised competitiveness in terms of machining and turning mechanical parts.





Automatic precision cutting for aluminium, brass and plastic bars. Band-saws for cutting bars made
from steel, stainless steel, or other metals.

Machining and turning mechanical parts

9 vertical machining centres with index plates.
1 lathe centre with an automatic bar loader.
1 lathe and milling centre with an automatic bar loader.
Programming of parts on the FAO Esprit software using files in DXF, DWG, IGES and other formats.


Vertical mechanical cutting and stamping presses, and horizontal hydraulic presses.

Deburring and degreasing

Degreasing and deburring parts on machines using detergents along with the wastewater treatment unit.


3D measurement of parts on a three-dimensional machine in an air-conditioned room, or using any other appropriate instrument (gauges, calliper gauge)

Tooling design

Design and execution of our tooling using CAD software (Autodesk)